Dynamic & Mechatronic System

  Major interests of our current research are in manipulation of robotic systems, sensors, and actuators. Based on both theoretical and experimental fundamentals in dynamic system design, analysis, and control, we perform various active researches on dynamic system design and its control for various industrial applications including semiconductor fabrication, automobile testing, and medical diagnosis equipment.

  The design of multi-energy domain coupled mechatronic systems is different from the conventional dynamic systems from the various points of view since their functionalities are significantly affected by the highly coupled energy transport. They involve many nonlinear physical situations such as friction, temperature effect, and residual current. Moreover, the lack of a unified analysis tool for the systems limits the effective design and verification of the systems. Having coupled multi-energy domains in a functional system, the development of the unified system design and analysis becomes more challenging.

  Our research efforts on development of new technologies with broad exposure to various physical systems might provide profound insights for energy flow to our graduate students and guide them into forefront dynamic system design and analysis disciplines.

Our Locations

1. Professor's Office
제 1 공학관, 21303

2. CAMAS Office
산학협력센터, 85431

3. Simulation Lab
제 2 종합연구동, 83446

4. Micro Mechatronics Lab
제 1 종합연구동, 81813

CAMAS Office

Simulation Lab

Micro Mechatronics Lab





85431, Corporate Collaborate Center, Sungkyunkwan Univ. Natural Sciences Campus, Cheoncheon-dong, "Jangan-gu, Suwon-si", Gyeonggi-do, SEOUL 440-746 KOREA